Transchain is a Digital 4PL supply chain solutions provider, administrating a cohesive spectrum of logistics solutions to your organisation. We have a strong presence across India under our two distinct business segments – Domestic and EXIM.

Our Focus on Technology allow us to transform supply chains from low transparency, manual documentation, low visibility to a digitized platform which lets you understand, analyse, control your supply chain and collaborate with all the stakeholders involved.

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Transchain Transportation


We are well positioned to meet all your hinterland transportation requirements through our Tech-enabled fleet of vehicles with focus on Traceability and Timeliness.

Transchain Transportation primarily covers – Primary Transportation, Secondary Transportation & Distribution as well as In-bound and Outbound Transportation.

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Transchain Warehousing

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Transchain offer warehousing services as a part of Integrated Supply Chain solutions as well as a Standalone Solution Product. Transchain Warehousing includes features of inventory management, storage management, planners, in-bound and out-bound integration besides other value-added services. You can also generate meaningful reports from our portal besides the default analytical features that our platform already offers.

Our Warehouses are of the following 3 variants – Smart, Premium and Traditional Warehouses.

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Abcder Saerdff Cofounder, CXO

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Abcder Saerdff Cofounder, CXO

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Abcder Saerdff Cofounder, CXO

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Abcder Saerdff Cofounder, CXO

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Abcder Saerdff Cofounder, CXO

Abcder Saerdff Cofounder, CXO

Ritesh Kumar Sinha
Co-Founder at Transchain Technologies Private Limited

Ritesh is a passionate tech-logistician involved in product building, development and identifying new technologies while engaging with clients to gather market feedback.
After having completed his Masters and Bachelors from IIT Madras, India, Ritesh went on to work in India and Africa. He has significant experience as a Strategy & Product head in Pristine Group and as a Management Consultant in Deloitte and PwC. Ritesh drives the think tank of Transchain and perseveres to bring Innovation based growth drivers to the Team.